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You have nail it. Yes, this is all about. The net orders management.

I still call it hedging, in my own trading terms. There are two major ways to hedge for me:

1. By opening buys/sells.
a. and keep both opened all/most of the time.
b. same as above, but close by the hedged lots and keep the net lots opened only, somewhere around the end of the day, to avoid extra swaps.

How you close by one against the other by leaving opened the net lots remained, is crucial. If you have 1.0 lot buys and 0.5 lots sells and close by randomly any 0.5 buys vs any 0.5 sells is not the same as:

2. closing a buy instead of opening a new sell.

The developper I work with 4+ years already, told me it is the same (1b and 2), but in reality the result is so different. 2 can hardly being called hedging, yet it is for me, as I instead of opening a sell, just close the first buy opened, ext.

So, managing the net opened orders is all about in trading. How you get there, hedging, nedging, gridding, lot(to), ext. does not matter.

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