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Statement example (Beta v0.1)


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  1. Create custom MT account statements
    1. filters:
      1. currency or pair
      2. magic number
      3. date range: from : to

    2. secure:
      1. coded in MQL4
      2. only one DLL command call to open the report in browser (not required, but convenient
        1. you can manually open the file in windows explore

      3. no uploading to external servers
        1. trading stats remain on your PC

    3. vastly improved reporting:
      1. eliminates
        1. canceled orders
        2. pending transactions

      2. displays on all screen sizes
        1. utilizes bootstrap 4 css

      3. interactive graphs (account balance profit-$ by trade history)
        1. hover for detailed information
        2. click and drag a selection to zoom in on the graph

      4. color coded trades
        1. green = win, red = loss

      5. No external HTML templates to maintain.


  1. Save the ex4 file in your scripts folder and run as a script.

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