newbegger replies to: Can YOU make money as a trader?


Why are any of you still entertaining any of the following fools? Haha

Jmn5611, Artcool, Alphadude, Profitfarmer

Can we all agree that any professional trader making profit could care less about what other people make and whether or not they are profitable? This inherently means that all those people mentioned above, whining and complaining about posting profit statements, have not mastered trading and are looking for ways to vent? Anytime someone feels bad about their own skills or actions, I guess it makes them feel better to try and put others down?

LMAO, just put these jokers on ignore and let’s move on please. I for one could care less whether anyone here makes a profit, as it’s none of my business. I just like conversing about trading and continually learning.

Best of luck to all.

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