Neptun replies to: [MT4 EA] o.Hannah / WARNING


witch hunt?
it is pointing out some “small” and “meaningless” details for the noobs.

nice that you see martingale finally.
ever heard about that martingale is not used for recovery per se, but for quick gains?
do you want to see non system trades on an account running the EA that supposedly not use martingale?
but the performance advertised as performance of the EA!

developers do experiment.
but do they experiment and test on a demo that supposedly showcasing how good the EA is?
how close that performance will to the real deal later when one pay for it based on the gains he sees ( looking behind for the reasons)

you keep coming up with “reds”.
i think it was pointed out that it is not something one has influence, but gets because some subscribes.
(i suspect i have half that many ignores too, but those arent deductions!)

largely thanks for your master too, however, plenty details were posted about one of my live account.
i am sure you have seen it. also that it made profit, and even for a not expected back to back SL, it still stayed within 20% max DD, vs 110+% gain over a 13 month.
you keep ignoring the fact that some can trade, and can trade with real money.
i did ask ones, when you ready, ( even privately, i am not like the one you so fiercily protect and respect privacy!) show that your treasured demo EA you handled profitable 3 month ( 5 months old!) on a live account, you will gain my respect.
even subscribe to you, so you can get one of the hated “reds” who obviously never a trader themselves, according to you.

thats how “reds” work?
how do you work?
first even denied martingale, then try to explain out. never mind that it was never mentioned by the master coder himself. oops, someone must fake it!
there is too many smooth explanation, and some gets fed up coming more and more.
i have no doubt for 100$ webinar this can be all explained satisfactorily for noobs, still without admitting they dont have a working profitable EA, still believing a demo result that is not reflecting real EA, still ignoring martingales, and that the account cant be scaled down.
you are in for some rude awakening, and maybe you can afford personally, not sure all the hopefuls can.
so why not give them a more experienced angle to admire this gem of an EA with opened up eyes for what it really is.

for your happiness, i wont post on this anymore (unless will be prompted by some posts)
and for your own sake, get a new prescription glass. you do need it!

how do you plan between the instrument?
hope not based to the “master demo”?

Click to EnlargeName: Ohannah pair results stat.pngSize: 323 KB

take out the top 2 performers, and half profit gone.
but at least that average lots sizes on those pair somewhat scaleable.
too bad the 0.01lot isnt…

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