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This is my first post and i feel the need to write some words…

1) Ron, Neil, Davit – Thanks for your knowledge and experience shared here. I’ve been following for a few months and have learn a lot from your posts.

2) Reminder to people that doubt the Davit System : All information needed are on this thread. “Train” your brain to stick ALL rules. Don’t do “shortcuts” like ignore the calendar events and only look at WP levels. We, traders, must be aware where the market want’s goes (no, market don’t goes to you).

3) This system its not for all people. Our brain isn’t a machine. Trading affects psychologically our brain and how we analyze the markets. It took me years before I realized it. Please, take all time needed to learn. Again, in this thread videos/book are shared.

4) Davit system just dont pop yesterday here. I see people profit from this system. Ron, Davit and others share information and i dont see they ask for something so… why came here ask proofs or say its fake or not tell this and that… please dont… if dont bring something with value, dont waste our time… we are here to trade and win.

Dont want this post to be long but one more thought… For people dont get good results, i’ve been there, open your mind, let go other systems, review all, try to find if you missing something and not doubt the system.

I hope I have contributed something useful.

Good weekend for all

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