NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney makes a fans day while at Disney


Like many in NASCAR, Ryan Blaney spent the off days after Sunday’s qualifying for the Daytona 500 at Walt Disney World less than 50 miles from Daytona.  

Blaney, 24, is a member of the younger generation so despite being on a mini-vacation, the Team Penske driver was still checking his social media.  After letting the world know where he was at (Disney’s Hollywood Studios) a fan replied that his young son and his family were also in the park. The fan tweeted a picture of his young son wearing a Ryan Blaney t-shirt.  Blaney, the young fan and his family soon met up in the park.

“Michael was the fans name, and his son’s name was Natty,” Blaney said Wednesday at the Daytona 500 Media Day. “We did a few places at Disney, but we were at Hollywood Studios and I saw that (tweet) and his kid was wearing my shirt and said he was my biggest fan and they happened to be at Hollywood Studios as well.”

“We were eating and we were able to meet up with them and talk to them for a little bit,” he said. “That was pretty cool how they were out there and they took the time to come hang out and meet us for a little bit and talk. His whole family was there, and he had a couple of other kids who were fans too.  I thought the timing there was pretty cool, how they were in the same spot as us.  (I was) pretty happy to make that happen.”

The fan later tweeted: “It happened, a BIG thank you!”

Blaney finished Tuesday’s trip at Epcot Center. There he tried to complete a “challenge’.

“So I’ve never been to Epcot, and like the countries before,” he said. “There’s 11 countries. I got to Canada; Canada is the first country that we visited. And I’m like ‘oh I’m going to try this new can of beer I’ve never had’. I was with my sister, my younger sister, she’s 20, and I was with a buddy of mine and I was like “let’s do a beer in every country.”

“I figured out really fast, that was not going to happen,” he said chuckling.  “Because you don’t realize how close the countries are; I got done with Canada and we walked into the UK and I still had like half my beer left and I was like “this is not going to end well.” So we got to country like five or six and I’m like “this is not happening” so, my sister’s name is Erin, and she was driving back anyway, but I was like “I got to be at media day tomorrow”.
That doesn’t mean he won’t ever try “Drinking around the World” (at least Epcot) again.

“I got to try that sometime,” he said. “I’ve heard some people do it.  Fans have given me some strategies on how to make it happen.”

By Greg Engle

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