MXT replies to: Pepperstone UK withdrawls


OK. With no responses as yet, I decided to have another look to see what I was missing, whilst waving the mouse pointer around I discovered this.
IBAN number is entered in the box “BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER”. There is a little symbol with an Exclamation mark if you put your mouse pointer on it it tells you to enter your IBAN number here.

Then enter your SWIFT number in the box marked “SWIFT” and Bob’s your uncle.

Then, rather curiously, you will be advised

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which infers that Pepperstone UK’s admin is done 17,012.999 kms (10,571.387 miles) away on the other side of the world!!!! So don’t bother trying to time your requests with UK Business and Banking hours you will be 12 hrs out of sync. Ah well, so is the world of High Finance, Borderless and Timeless.

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