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The only person who really taught me about trading is Ray de Medici (or whatever his name is – it really doesn’t matter!). I started investing back in 1969, but only started trading in 2006. I then spent over 7 years paying tens of thousands of GBP for education that was at best half truths which were only half understood by the ‘educator’. Then I found Ray and in less than 10 minutes I knew he was different – he explains both the HOW and the WHY of trading so many different styles and markets. There is no requirement for ‘faith’, there is never something that ‘you just have to accept’, everything he says makes sense once you understand the underlying trading business models of the participants.

I would also like to point out that those results of Jarrat Davis whilst spectacular for a Hedge Fund, are really not that special compared to Ray de Medici’s prop trading desk. However since they are hired by the big Institutions I don’t think that anybody outside of the industry can see their results.

As Copi88 says, Ray’s retail reputation as an educator is not helped by his association with CompassFX even though they are one of the better companies in their field.
Ray is extremely hard to sell to retail traders because they are almost all in one of 2 states of mind:
1. They are still hopeful and naive, so they still believe it is possible to make lots of money with no/little work!
2. They are cynical and probably bitter at being conned so much in the past that they can’t believe in Ray despite their head telling them that he is the real thing. A top Quant/Strategist/trader who is STILL working for the top institutions.

Thus almost all retail traders find Ray’s approach to be ‘too much hard work’ or they just can’t justify paying out for yet another course – in case it doesn’t work out.
There are no certainties in trading, not everybody can do it, many have huge trading psychology problems which they can’t even recognise until they have no excuses left!
However if a trader is passionate about trading and wants to have the best Institutional training adapted for the retail environment, then there is no alternative but to take a ‘full’ course from Ray – not just the 3 day intro course he did last year.

He is going to be teaching a new course in a few weeks, if you are a decently capitalised retail trader then get yourself the ‘earlybird’ deal from CompassFX and that way get both the course and some additional weeks of training.

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