mohsinali replies to: why are people so lazy?


My opinion: its rather simple actually. Please are lazy, people are emotional, people don’t take responsibility for what they do.

The issue here, is that in normal life, YOU CAN ACTUALLY GET AWAY WITH IT !! A little lie here, a little manipulation there, the shit you do, you blame it on your boss, you blame it on your wife/husband, you blame it on your family. And the check comes at the end of the month and life goes on.

Trading, well, you can say all you want that it was your wife/husband’s/families/friends/bosses fault all day long, that the market doesn’t give you your money back.

Most people can’t handle accepting they are lazy, Most people don’t want to accept they are lazy, Most people just want to continue being lazy, because we all know that people don’t make money in trading because of the cheating brokers.

And this is the first part. Next is the part who tell all their friends they are disciplined, and their friends completely believe it. Market doesn’t.

The list goes on ….

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