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Seems 30-40-50% drop around

What fun!!
As i always said -patience.

I wish i traded on leverage.

Anyway :
How Low Can Bitcoin Go?

Mati Greenspan | Dec 22, 2017 06:35AM ET

According to the chart, even if we see a move to as low as $10,000 we could still consider Bitcoin to be in a strong upward trend. In fact, $10,000 was exactly the level that Bitcoin was trading at the beginning of this month and so it would not be surprising to see it there again.

Is it Santa’s Fault?
Several have mentioned this morning that this pullback is being caused by people who want to buy Christmas Presents.
At first, I thought that the notion was ridiculous. After all, most crypto volumes happen in East Asia where Christmas isn’t really as much of a thing. However, after checking the recent volumes, there may be something to this theory after all.

Happy holiday stop hunt!!… or TP….

Read this – great comments .
Sure makes u think.

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