Mingary replies to: Can YOU make money as a trader?


Humans make bad traders. Humans seek reward and wish to avoid risk. In trading, this translates to cutting winners and holding losers or averaging them without any kind of plan of when enough is enough.

I made a post somewhere that if a man wants to be a trader, then his old life is over. You will now be a young Bill Gates. You sleep under your desk. You make fateful decisions, and they will be your way, or the highway. If the wife is resistant, divorce her, and give her everything. Move into a one room shack with a computer. Learn the craft. Eat it, sleep it, dream it. Live at a hand to mouth level. Only this amount of commitment will do.

If you are religious, think of the Trials of Job.

If you are not religious, consider martial arts. At some point you must have undistracted focus. You must become what you want to be. You must be able to see the Matrix.

Let the flaming begin.

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