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usd is still testing the overlapping daily and weekly demand zone 92.90-92.50, a strong and critical level, either make or break it…if usd loses this level, next daily demand zone is 92 overlapping with weekly demand zone 91.79-91…

USDX On 12/28/2017 at 8am est. BLDR MTF system update :
H1, Downtrend, Trend stop at H1 close 93.12, Running Period: 60 hours
H4, downtrend, Trend stop at H4 close 93.44, Running Period: 58 x H4
Daily, downtrend, Trend stop at day close 94.11, Running Period: 26 days
Weekly, downtrend, Trend stop at week close 95.02, Running Period: 36 weeks

( Note: Those stops will change with hour close and price action)

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