MichaelSch replies to: Pivot Trading


I think we are saying the same things using different words:

1. It is possible to learn any technique and practise it in a couple of weeks.

2. But … mastery, true mastery requires psychological work and very few do that, After making mistakes (costly ones) they begin to appreciate MM.

I think Davit sets the bar here at 2 years to signal that you need to know enough so as not to ask basic babypips questions like a) what is a pip?, b) what is a R/S? c) what is a Gartley? d) what is PA? e) what is stacking? etc etc etc. People with less than 2 years of experience are here of course, reading and learning, just not posting introductory newbie questions. Others who presumably are at a more advanced level read this thread and that would be a time waster to see it filled with fluff.

As Davit has said multiple times, you shouldn’t be in an advanced class learning how to draw a human figure if you have not yet mastered drawing an apple.

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