Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door Coupe gains 43-badged entry-level six-pot


Opinion: Mercedes exploits another niche

AMG’s Porsche Panamera rival will reach customers during the first quarter of 2019. Official pricing has yet to be revealed but a starting price of about £85,000 is likely for the normal car, with the Edition 1 to be priced well above that.

Like the first version of the two-door GT sports car, the Edition 1 will get more standard features, including the sportiest aerodynamics package, 21in AMG wheels and a bespoke grey and black scheme.

It will kick-start the arrival of AMG’s all-new and division-specific GT 4-door Coupé model, which follows the SLS Coupé and Roadster and the GT Coupé and Roadster as the fifth dedicated model from Mercedes-AMG.

The ‘4-door Coupé’ component of its name suggests that it is a saloon-cum-coupé model in the mould of the mechanically similar Mercedes CLS. However, it does in fact take inspiration from the existing GT Coupé by featuring a fastback-style tailgate. That design is integral to providing the new AMG model with the sort of practicality that the company’s chairman, Tobias Moers, says allows it to deliver a “high level of day-to-day suitability”.

The GT 4-door Coupé will be offered with the choice of two petrol engines from the outset. One is Mercedes’ new 3.0-litre inline six-cylinder unit with a mild-hybrid system in the GT53 4Matic+. The other is AMG’s 4.0-litre V8, which, in line with other AMG models, will be available in two separate states of tune in the GT63 4Matic+ and GT63 S 4Matic+.

As their names suggest, all three models in the launch line-up feature as standard a fully variable four-wheel-drive system, as revealed on the latest E63 4Matic+, along with a nine-speed automatic gearbox.

The basis for the first ever four-door fastback from AMG is Mercedes-Benz’s MRA platform. A large proportion of its underpinnings, including its chassis, as well as its electrical architecture, is shared directly with the recently unveiled third-generation CLS and the latest E-Class.

Despite the GT 4-door Coupé’s mechanical similarities to the CLS and E-Class, AMG has brought its own unique touches to it. For instance, it has a longer front end with a larger engine bay to house a range of different powerplants, including the company’s signature V8 petrol unit, which has been denied the new CLS due to what AMG’s engineers cite as packaging reasons.

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