mbrown replies to: Algo diamonds


Still looking at the Pivot system.

Review a number of pairs and it is clear at this point the TDI is the main driver behind the strategy and the money management approach of the thread, that is, we know TDI will time the turning points very well but sometime drawdowns will have to be absorbed before the actual turning point is initiated, thus scale your entries.

This approach should work equally well at any significant level be it market profile, volume profile, daily-weekly-monthly open-high-low, Pivots (D,W,M), Fibo levels, GANN levels basically the TDI seems to be a legit timing tool that can be used to support your S/R trading, the S/R need not be esoteric or fancy; as the main hurdle about S/R is whether a reaction at this level is valid, the TDI helps to eliminate much of the uncertainty and is the engine at the heart of the DAVIT Pivot System which is essentially a TDI system.

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