Master-Mind replies to: Scammers



As you know I can’t reply on the thread, so you said………….

‘well IT DOES have importance ,in fact have the most importance you should consider as first step in your plan to sign or buy anything.
so this i saw in this software disclaimer and call me dumb if that is skinny text’

I may be completely wrong, ask Red for guidance on that, but as far as I’m aware, the skinny disclaimer is a legal issue and it has to be there when selling a product or service.
A qualified financial adviser in the US may well have a different approach.
Lets face it, it is in rather large text….easy to see, read and has not been hidden away.
To take a dig at o’Hannah with that one appears rather below the belt, it should really be left up to Red or his boy Fisher to froth up on it.

The rest of your post was reasonable apart from this…..

i wish i see that so i can jump against this commercial guy as well with more troops….

‘more troops, so are you saying that there is a concerted effort to discredit or remove a commercial member’………….. I think that validifies my previous post on the Noddy thread to profitfarmer…..
I said this I also see a witch hunt that you are very much part of, the end process of which i know only to well. Over the next few days we will see further red labels rocking up to form an opinion who haven’t shown the slightest interest in the thread. The hounding will continue until you, profitfarmer get the result that you are looking for.
That’s how you people work, I’ve seen you people at work on non-commercial threads as well, and sometimes I do ask myself, who are you, and what is your real motive stalking these forums.

I knew one of you would slip up, just a matter of time.

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