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{quote} Thanks Jan very much appreciated version 15 still storming away for now … {image}

Nice results you got there

I cannot wait to setup new version, will wait until this first batch of trades are finished and then setup everything.

I will start posting the closed trades, hope they help to improve the EA, is not really good to have such MeMe system, as I lost the fear of losing a trade and this is going to hit me hard soon XD I’m entering trades sometimes too early…

Good trade in EURAUD X_X

Click to EnlargeName: Screenshot1.pngSize: 6 KB
Click to EnlargeName: Screenshot2.pngSize: 5 KB

Triggered profit protection in EURCAD

Click to EnlargeName: Screenshot7.pngSize: 5 KB

Triggered profit protection in NZDUSD, this one saved me from a really bad trade where MeMe should had to kick in…

Click to EnlargeName: Screenshot5.pngSize: 6 KB Click to EnlargeName: Screenshot6.pngSize: 4 KB


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