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And/or the capital

Isn’t that funny that most to “speed up the process” will swing for high daily % gain , but very rarely for starting with more deposit?

More likely that you will find someone who deposit 100$ and shoot for 5% instead of 3% a day, than someone deposit 1000$ and aim for 3%…even though if compounding is given by the method, this “small move” would save months if not years from reaching the big goal.

Of course, fast and a lot, the name of the game.
Dream big, fail big. Risk the money you can afford to lose.

A step back will reveal that even if a has 100k capital only (no, don’t need to have a million$) and makes 3% a month (no, don’t have to make daily!)…he will earn more than 90% of the global population does. Something to thin about.

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