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Some useable fucking DATA on these!!

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Revolution, Evolution 1.1 and Evolution NN were all switched over to Summ Start – meaning…they add incrementally to the previous position.

The idea behind doing this was to see which of the logic would prevail over EXTREME conditions.

Now…it looks like we have our winner – Revolution!

Revolution has a secondary code in it to be a little more aggressive in counter triggering. This has added in additional positions, but has also allowed the flex in market to keep the DD well under control.

Where Revolution is running on 19 pairs the Evolutions on only 7…pretty easy to see and say that $155 in the shitter is a lot less than the $2064 and $1668 on the Evolutions.

Here’s the thing…

We couldn’t go flat out with all of the same pairs on the Regular Version of Revolution as we maxed out the 200 trade threshold of the most brokers in less than 2 weeks…we wouldn’t want to go with only the same magic 7 pairs on the NN version, because the profit, though steady, might make picking bottles in ditches more appealing…


To sum up…

LSE, killer EA. I’ve bumped lots on this up to .03 and $3 profit…figured we were close enough to that next 100% that it’d be worth a shot.
Revolution NN…can run very well with either Fixed Start or Summ Start and continue to churn the cash…risk is the only consideration under summ start and adding in additional lots for Fixed with a wider profit might be the way to go. With the Filter Added in the current version, and on a smaller risk account, this motherfucker is GOLD!

From starting with this triggering idea, some 10 months ago…finally at a place to start improving?

Still the daily filter to drop into Evolution and get released…got this started a couple weeks ago, hopefully polish it off over the weekend.

And then…testing through Christmas!


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