Long-time politicians face serious challengers



Items from my political notebook as we get closer to the May primary:
•The Republican primary for governor is shaping up to a competitive one.
On paper, Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp would be considered favorites since they have already been elected to statewide offices, but the campaigns of Hunter Hill and Clay Tippins are also building strong grassroots support.
The key for Hill and Tippins (as well as the other candidates in the race) will be the upcoming forums. No doubt each one will challenge Cagle on the fact he has been a politician for years and will likely take Kemp to task on the same thing.
In fact Hill has a somewhat funny internet ad showing his military background as compared to the political backgrounds of Cagle and Kemp. Hill, along with actors portraying Cagle and Kemp, are on a military training obstacle course and needless to say the suit wearing politicians aren’t able to keep pace.
Similar to Hill, Tippins has a strong military background and will no doubt gain support because of it.
Also in the GOP primary for governor are state senator and Donald Trump activist Michael Williams, restaurant owner Eddie Hayes and teacher and conservative activist Marc Urbach.
•We often hear about government overstepping its bounds. A new law about to go into effect will do just that but because many people think with emotion rather than their brain there has not been a great deal of outcry. Rather the reaction has been the opposite.
In Georgia it will soon be illegal for people to talk on their cellphones while driving. Quite frankly, this is the ultimate in government overstepping its bounds.
In reality, it probably is not a good idea to talk on our cellphones while driving. It is certainly distracting and while in theory it is safer to leave the cellphone alone (talking or texting) while behind the wheel we do not need the government dictating to us that we need to do so.
Eating too much fast food is not good for us either but we do not need the government passing a law saying we can only eat so much of it.
It is a good idea to exercise but once again there does not need to be a law ordering us to do so.
It became law in Georgia many years ago that people must wear seatbelts. That also was a government overreach and was not necessary. It allowed municipalities to generate revenue off the law but it was in no way necessary.
This new cellphone law will also be a revenue maker but like its relative the seatbelt law is nothing but big brother overreach.
•Georgia will have a new insurance commissioner in 2019 and all citizens should be thankful.
The current occupant of the office will go down as the least effective person to ever occupy the seat in history.
There are three Republicans, two Democrats and one Libertarian running for the seat. All six would be a vast improvement over the current office holder.
From a person perspective, I encourage people to look at the campaign of Tracy Jordan, who is a member of the Braselton City Council as well as a pharmacist. However, all Georgians will benefit from a new person occupying this important seat.

Chris Bridges is a former editor with MainStreet Newspapers. He welcomes feedback about this column at pchrisbridges@gmail.com.

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