landax replies to: Strat’s PASR Long Term, Stress Free Trading


First of all, I want to say that I know I am not an ideal trader and I will never be I am trying to be profitable and I am still learning, I devote all my free time to understanding forex.

So I will try to compare my trade and a trade of Yomi, I’m just trying to understand, do not be so hard please.

So here’s my trade and here’s a trade that took Yomi.

Click to EnlargeName: mytrade.PNGSize: 39 KB

Click to EnlargeName: yomi.pngSize: 32 KB

Now when we compare when I took my trade and when he took it, and well the graphics are similar, the price went through the Strat shadow, there was a return.

Click to EnlargeName: landax.pngSize: 32 KB

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