kenshin replies to: Scammers


I see we’re all on the Ignored club now for asking the questions which matter. Not that it’s any great loss.

OHannah: There can be only two reasons for you not wanting to run the ea on a live account. Either it’s not suitable at all, and crashes sometime in the near future, or it can’t be scaled down to a reasonable account size. Instead, as is usual with you we have an array of pathetic excuses:

1) Don’t want to divulge personal finances. (Is the limit of your personal finances 5-10k? Sorry, I didn’t realize you were poor.)
2) You’re drunk. (I was not)
3) Demo performance is equal to live. (Frog shit)
4) You’re attacking me and not respectful to me. (Sure, now I am but the original question was not)

Sorry that my respectfully asking questions related to running your ea on a LIVE account was too much for you. You morph into an extremely delicate snowflake once you want to avoid answering any questions. Sorry for asking the glaringly obvious, if your demo is so great as you think it is, why are you not running LIVE? We have paid LIVE money, and you knew by accepting payment that we will most certainly be wanting to run what we paid you for on a LIVE account, so why aren’t you????? Instead of a straight answer to a valid question you just act hurt, pull out the above excuses, and put people on ignore.

From organizing backtesting to trying to get LIVE performance figures, you have made every effort to avoid any kind of legitimate scrutiny.

Anyway, we can’t all wait for years while you’re not ready for Live. I waited from 1/1/2018 till now which I was led to believe was going to be a final release. I think it’s enough time for you to get your shit together properly. I can’t see what became final with your ea on 1/1 even now. We have partial backtesting support, no live performance stats, can’t even control user abuse of the ea. You don’t supply a manual, or even basic user guide either. Instead you expect people to pay to learn how to use it via webinars.

Asking questions about any of these obvious issues results in the excuses detailed above, the hurt snowflake act, and ignore.

Just to add, you are not any measurable loss for me. My LIVE system made the LIVE money I spent on your half-baked system back in less than 24 hours.

Initially I was happy to support you. Now I can clearly see that you work against anything that makes any kind of progress towards a real LIVE final product within a reasonable timeframe. We all know the real reason why that is, and it ain’t about showing a live account with 5k in it.

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