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Are you planning to purchase oHannah?
Read this thread carefully first so you can be better informed about how the system is NOT (and never has been) suitable for LIVE trading.

oHannah is a paid Commercial system sold here by a person calling himself Mark Freeman. Due to the fact that he refuses to answer any relevant questions about the safety of using his product on a live trading account, I thought it was appropriate to create a high profile thread that shows exactly what questions you need to ask and where you need to ask them if you are planning on buying oHannah with the intention of using it on a LIVE account.

If you are thinking of purchasing the system, then please start by reading about it in the “Scammers – Hall Of Shame” thread starting here first:…13430page=246

Also, please read the responses that oHannah has given to the questions of whether his system is suitable for a LIVE trading account located here:…0#post10948430

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First he avoided answering the question, then he placed me on his Ignore list.
oHannah/Mark has made it clear that he will never trade the system he is selling you on a live account
In fact, you can clearly see that his own personal Trade Explorer is only a Demo account, less than two months old with an initial balance of $100,000
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How can you trust his system with real live account money when oHannah refuses to do that himself? How can you trust a system that doesn’t even have a 2 month Trade Explorer? How does a $100,000 account size relate to the real account size that you will be likely to use?
Yes, the oHannah demo account is a $100,000 account. This is because the trading system cannot be scaled down to suit a smaller account under $5,000.
Due to the way the oHannah system is trading, it will make money in the short term on a $100,000 account, but it will lose money on any account that has less than $10,000 in it. In both cases it is highly likely to destroy the account within a year due to the extremely risky Martingale trading method that it uses.

Please read about the extreme risks associated with Martingale and the closely related Gamblers Fallacy here:…betting_system)…blers-fallacy/

Take note that Mark has also been manually trading this Demo account as well, so oHannah is not even fully automated even though he advertises that it is.
Of course there is the excuse (something Mark is actually good at) that he was just testing. No explanation as to why this testing is not being done on a second demo account though instead of manually trading the demo account which is supposed to represent completely automated operation of the system.

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Please understand that you do not receive any manual, or user guide with oHannah. Not even a simple readme. There is no clear explanation of how to use the system, and no description of what the settings displayed on screen actually represent. Instead, Mark expects you to pay more money for webinars in order to learn how to use the oHannah product you have purchased.

So, when you buy, you get a trading system that:
– The seller refuses to run on a Live account.
– Cannot be safely run on a live trading account under $10,000
– Trades using the dangerous highly leveraged martingale system.
– Has no manual, or user guide.

The oHannah business model was never about making a safe, profitable, live ea. It was always about making money for Mark by selling the system and webinars, and whatever else he can dream up. After 12 months and countless “updates” it is still not safe to use on a $5000 account.

Don’t bother asking oHannah about any of these questions though. He is afraid of giving the true answers so he will either:
– act hurt and tell you that your question is not respectful.
– won’t answer the question.
– try and change the subject from your question.
– place you on his ignore list.
Anything, except answer your question.

And how do I know all this? Because I bought oHannah.

Don’t be a fool and do the same thing as me.

Save your money and learn one of the many free systems here by authors who have no fear of answering any questions.

If you still have questions about oHannah after reading this thread, then please feel free to ask them either here or on the Scammers – Hall Of Shame thread.
or you are welcome to PM me for more clarification about anything related to oHannah. At least that way you will get honest impartial answers to all your queries.

I hope this post and that the future contents of this thread will help clear up any of the main questions you will have before buying oHannah, which Mark will not answer himself.

As Mark would say, I will be happy to take anything back once it has been proven to be wrong. He did imply previously that it was pointless for me to ‘shout into the wind’ on the Scammers thread. I agree with him on this, thank him for his advice, and have done my best to rectify that problem. So here we are on the front page of Commercial.

There are many more problems with this system, so I hope others can join in to help draw attention to them for me.

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