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{quote} Please speak simple trade language which will help idiots like us otherwise just leave us alone please for God sake

Fine. I am supercharged so here’s in simple language.

You open a trade, there is trading costs associated with it via spreads or commissions or swaps. Your trade’s PNL will go in profit only after you recover this trading cost first.
Example,: If your trading cost per trade is x cents, you have to recover x+1cent in order to profit from your trade.

Try recovering trading costs times 2 or more from every trade and you have the holy Grail just by simple math.
Try times 3 or 4 or even 5 times your trading cost in your back testing or forward demo testing before going live with any strategy. If it survives for 3+yrs, only then go live and quit posting on forums!

Edit: I use a multiple of 5 in demo to mimic live trading environment only then it passes the muster to put real dollars to work. Even in live I use 5 times for a trade to even be considered in profit because of slippage and spread widening crap that brokers play on retail traders. Simple math dude.

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