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so far proofed to be true….

the retail crowd has been short (average) since around 1.2236,but some since the 1.24x level. Right now over 62% are long.

smaller option traders have been heavily short since weeks now, and their sentiment index is hoovering around 10 since start of May

COT data shows, that the large specs are covering their record long positions since mid April, nevertheless are long with around 92 mio contracts

Out of my view they are very slow to cover their position this time. Maybe they are hoping for a relief rally in order to cover at better prices. This may lead to further down pressure.

Price is entering a huge support shelf which stretches back to the year 2015

Situation reminds me a lot on the year 2014 relentless drop when we reached the 1.30 level. The crowd was heavily betting on long, and the smaller option traders showed very low sentiment levels for weeks, too. At that time it was a stupid thing to go long as we can see now

Difference is, that in 2015 the large specs where heavily short already (since around the 1.35 level). This can mean, that the large specs are positioned totally wrong this time, and the price of EU has to drop a lot more when the large specs start to accelerate the covering of their long positions.

The EW crowd has collectively changed their minds, when it got obvious, that they were in the wrong count. Most of them now sees us in a wave 5 of 3 now since the top at 255x

For that to be true, the now ongoing move down since a few days has to be the B-wave down of a wave 4 up. If true, we should see soon some upward pressure.

But on the other hand, we may see a brutal wave down, since the action of the past days may also suggest a 1-2, 1-2 movement which is preparing a wave 3 down.

So advice is:

upside pressure may be limited, downside risks are high

be careful with long positions, be careful with new short positions

staying neutral is an option

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