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Hi Uae,

thank you for the purchase!

You need to configure the MT4 on which the alerter is running to be able to send emails. To do this you need to navigate to “Tools – Options”. In the tab “Emails” you can enter the login data for your email account and the email address which will receive the signals:

Yes the MT4 with the alerter needs to run to send the alerts.

From the feedback of all customers / users there are 3 main problems which I will solve with a new service which I will release during the next weeks:

1. email problem between MT4 and big email providers e.g. gmail. The solutions which work for some clients doesn’t work for other clients. gmail has a problem with MT4 and there is no clear solution for that.
2. most users don’t want to run their computer 24/7 to get alerts
3. the alerter uses computation power for scanning

The new service will solve/bypass all 3 problems. Stay tuned

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