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Hi Roger, I have some supporting results from my yesterday’s trade and today’s surprise result on early Asian trade. I have two test Dashboards running on Demo accounts, the first one based on 1H Charts, Daily Dashboard, HAS with default settings, using Equity Lock stepped 25/5, 35/20, 50/40. One and Done
Yesterday quickly acquired target after London open

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Second Dashboard based on today’s Webinar 1H Charts, Daily Dashboard, HAS with 2/16,2/20, using Equity Lock single 120/100. Again quick fire results not long after Asian open. For my Basket, I removed all CHF pairs and AUDJPY (was obvious ranging). Set for One and Done, surprise result

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That’s nearly 200pips in two sessions, I would normally stop for the rest of the week, but in test mode I will continue.

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