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Guys… here is my opinion with the differents version of Ev and Rev etc.. It’s just my point of vue and it’s not a critic, Magix have done a really good job.

So, you need to do a minimum of backtest if you want to have a realistic vue of what this EA can do it. On several pairs, you can see there is 2500 to 3000 $ of drawdown, and it’s just in the year of 2017 ! I don’t talk about 2010… or 2008 etc…

You need to know what is the worst case scenario and be prepared to it. If the logic don’t change, (no SL, same % of win rate etc..) we can do only one thing… having 2000 $ PER pair and so, having 20 000 $ for using 10 pairs is the minimum for a long term view.

2018 have not a real movement like 2016 or 2017 and this is why it’s starting very good for Ev or Rev. But if your goal is to win money with this EA, you can’t just put 3000 $ and prey for not blowing up your account…you can do this in demo of course.

Why I talking about backtest ? because I have seen the logic and seen the movement, and it’s match with the forward test, so let’s assume than for now, we are in the same situation of volatility like in 2017, we would have the same drawdown… and with different pairs this is a 70 or 80% drawdown..

Again, this is just my opinion and Magix have done a great work. You just need to be realistic if you test it for making money and beeing safe as possible.

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