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Hey Folks,

If go to my profile, you will see that I started trading TMS H1 and H4 in X-man’s thread, then moved on to LE1 thread and traded M15.
I came to this thread in 2012 and it is now 5 long years.
In both X-Man and LE1 thread, you will learn a lot about Price Action trading which is also TMS.

I stopped trading short term – the M15 and H1 and focus trading the 4H swing and Position trading on D1 chart timeframes.

But many of you have day jobs, and Big E advice is not to be afraid to trade the D1 chart.…80#post4666980

Some of us started to trade D1 charts this year following Big E’s post.…62#post4803962

Next year should be another year for us to test trading the D1 charts and work on money management strategies for this.

What you can do during this holiday period is to do back-testing on those 8 pairs which Big E traded – AJ, EU, GU, UCad, AJ, UJ, EJ and GJ, and count how many TDI crosses on the D1 chart. Do this for the past 5 years data.

Let compare our back-tests results next week.

Meantime, Happy Holidays and enjoy your time with family and friends.

X-man thread:

LE1 thread TMS M15

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