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this is however not showing private TEs, and not separate demo and live TEs, and most importantly ignore the numbers of failed and removed TEs…
but i would still like to think it is closer to 0.1% of those survive for 1 year+.

but is that really a bad number?
maybe not so.
take an example,
everyone can run. virtually. same as ‘trading’. pushing buy/sell is not that difficult, right? neither running, from usually 2yrs old on, all can do.
some can run just faster, some slower. lets ignore that, same as not the gains matter here, but the survival, longevity.
so, to be easier to compare take something that needs longevity…
running marathon.
can/do more than 0.001% of the full marathon?
same apply to many other activities.
why would the survival rate in trading have to be so different?

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