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{quote} how will this work? Maybe you are able to write static HTML5 content from MT4 to be shown in a browser. But without javascript your not able to establish a 2 way communication. {quote} Currently you only able to do so if your broker offers FIX API. Or do you able to use your own client with the encrypted MT4 terminal – MT4 server communication to fake a MT4 client? I guess not, if so you would not build such indicator/ea inside of MT4 terminal. To code a communication between MT4 and an own system is easy, to design a good…

Yeah sure, JavaScript, .NET and some other things may be necessary.

By “independent app” , I mean getting rid of MT4 completely. So yes, FIX is the best way to connect your app to the broker.
It’s also a good indication if your broker offers FIX in the first place. Typically only the more professional shops offer FIX connection.

With HTML5 its possible to create amazing modern web apps, and the best thing is that you can run the app from anywhere on any operating system. All you need is a browser.
The biggest downside is that the web apps tend to consume more resources (CPU, RAM..). So you need powerful PC and fast internet.

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