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Good day 9jtrader. I want to express to you my immense gratitude for the selfless efforts you have put into making available to us all your trading strategy. I have used this week to go through every post here in this forum from the beginning to the end. I have some concerns I would like to bring to your attention, and as usual I hope you find time to do something about them. They are as follows:-
(i) – The title of the forum “Method of using Stochastic Oscillator Profitably” attracted me because I have recently incorporated Stochastic into my trading strategy ans was studying all I can come across on. While all you have done here is quite inspiring I however observed that in most cases when you make post you make reference to stochastic but the chats reflect more of Bollinger Bands as more often than not you have the Stochastic diminished. Please do let the stochastic show as well so that one can clearly see your reasoning and follow
(ii_ – Seccondly I do realized that you have another thread/forum (which I have not fully gone through yet but will) and you seem to have given more time to that at the expense of this, although you recently started posting here. Please do try and post here regularly as well. From the few I have seen in the other thread/forum “Simple and profitable trading style” you are basically doing the same thing in two places under different headigs,; if so may be you should closing one and focus on the other so that your infos are in one place.
(iii) – I have not seen anywhere in this thread where you have clearly explained the details of the strategy. The thread would be richer and more rewarding with that done if possible at the beginning.

Once again I really appreciate your efforts and all I have learnt.

I hope to possibly start posting here soon, although I am an intra-day trader executing my trades on H4 H1 Tfs. I don’t know if that will in any way contravene the intents of this forum, please let know so that I don’t offend you.

Thank you so so much !!!

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