jecklom replies to: Scammers


Has anyone been getting copy/paste spam emails from this new member?

he just joined FF and sent me two duplicate emails of the below.
Good day , my name is Felix as a forex trader , i want to bring to your notice that i have a great system u might be interested in trading one of ur accounts, or pay to have the ea copy for u to recover from any past loses at low DD.attached is the ea to my explorer . you can send ur email so i send a video of it mode of trading operation sincerely

Seems kinda scummy he just joined and is trying to get a batch of client list going by emailing all the members here at FF to pay for his EA.Anyways, be on the lookout if you get any PMs from this guy.


just saw your linkDUKIS seems like the same guy. Only a matter of time before admin’s revoke this guy for sending spam emails

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