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Falling Knives was put in place for future developments and for those with a Higher Risk Appetite…more on the Scalping side of things.

The Falling Knives logic is so that every candle that moves away from the original trade gets added…with respect to time/grid(Falling_Knives) or Only to Time(Falling_Knives_Aggressive).

The version sent out over the weekend was to keep the same settings as the Thread Based Trade Explorers but to be able to take advantage of a quicker price movement than what may be deemed as a delayed reaction in the Hybrid, Revolution or Xuicide Triggering methodologies.

As a refresher into these…0 means will be enabled after the First Trade, 200 means that your broker probably won’t allow any additional trades – ie – disabled.

When I get time to code in the Bollinger Band Strategy, the op from the thread has suggested that Every Candle Below the original Buy should also be bought, and Every Candle Above the original Sell should be sold. I’ve only really looked at this visually and really over a couple week worth of time span and am still trying to put these pieces together.

I’m really not sure which will be the better strategy…Take the Trade on a Bollinger Band Pierce and then add with – Every Bullish Candle Below/Every Bearish Candle Above…Every Bearish Candle Below/Every Bullish Candle Above…triggering off of MA Crossovers or price relation to Moving Averages – ie – Above/Below (Revolution style).

On one of my original versions of GMO, I was buying every bear candle below my original buy and selling every bull candle above my original sell and actually like this methodology. Used in conjunction with Xuicide Aggressive, which doesn’t respect the grid, seemingly provides added positions at an area of consolidation…not always good…but if played with respect to trend and basic rules, can help faster exits in profit.

Dunno Man…still putting all of the pieces together and didn’t want to have this Explode on its first week out of the gates…

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