JCMPete replies to: Strat’s PASR Long Term, Stress Free Trading


Hi All!

Oww…. My head hurts now! (I think it’s because I’m learning something already, ha ha!) I’m not a long time lurker here, just a week or three, I think. I’m just now getting into Forex trading, and though I’ve taken no trades in the last three weeks, I feel like I am going to learn a lot here. I look forward to being able to post charts and my analysis to go along with them before long… but first things first: I now need to get started on the old thread.

I live and work in the East Coast, sadly, my full time job has me working at the 9am open. Some days, things are quiet, and I am at my machine to study the charts.

In the mean time, happy trading, y’all!

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