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Managing expectation
Last week I had version 12 running on my demo account. Worked ok, but still had some bugs that are related to using conventional restrictions while using MEME. Anyway, we are getting there. After version 12 is completely debugged it will server very fine as a trade manager. That means one still has to find the entry manually, but after that LRSF will take the stress away by handling the trade.

Remember that this EA can also trade automatically, but that is not ideal yet. Far from it. As one can see with version 11.1, there are many trades, but too many are going nowhere. However, for those who understand TMS and can place a trade manually will be happy with the extra help. Now, there are some really good traders in the TMS thread that regulary post excellent trades using MEME and by cleverly using the position of the support and resistance (SR)-lines. Version 12 will have some support for MEME, but don’t expect it to be just as good as those ace traders. SR-Lines are not supported in version 12.

The release of version 12 is still scheduled for next weekend.

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