James Ruppert: when to offload your old car


Long term I ought to think petrol, like the Audi mentioned earlier. In that case, a 2009 Volkswagen CC 1.8 TSI should make sense. Less posh badge, but it still seems very contemporary and has just two previous owners and a fresh service up to 70k miles and the dealer was even backing it up with a warranty. That’ll keep going for a bit at just £5k.

How about a proper coupé? BMW 645CSi. I had a close encounter late last year and it was even cheaper than the £5000 being asked for this 2005 car with 107k miles, four owners, a fat file of receipts and a fresh full-on service. All very reassuring and what a way to travel in the coming decades.

They are out there: motors, primed and ready for another 100k-plus miles. So if you fancy a change, then just part-exchange and move on with any of the above.

What we almost bought this week: 

BMW 320 – 81,079: 

I’m currently trying to talk to someone sensible about the Baby Shark’s starting issues, as it is getting very boring to start. While I do that, here’s a picture of the radio I don’t like. It weighs almost nothing and the reception is awful but, in my neck of the woods, there isn’t much worth listening to anyway.

The fact is that it tells the time and wastes battery when I have a perfectly good 1979 quartz clock. Worst of all is the aerial, sold to me as an invisible wire that looks like a rogue windscreen wiper. Least of my worries.

Reader’s ride: 

Lexus LS: Reader Damon is very happy after a month spent with his lovely Lexus LS, which cost £9k after part-exchanging a slightly troublesome Audi A8.

“This is the world’s greatest family car,” he says. “We went to Norfolk for a week at the end of August and not once did I get an ‘are we there yet?’ or ‘I’m bored’. The children were watching the Harry Potter box set on the roof-mounted screen, with wireless headphones.

The cooler box in the rear seats kept drinks cold and the rear and side blinds kept the sun out.

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