Jaguar Land Rover launches UK subscription service



  • Jaguar Land Rover launches UK subscription service
Jimi Beckwith

Jaguar Land Rover has launched its first subscription service for UK drivers, with 12 months of access to JLR cars starting at £910 per month. 

This base rate gives the subscriber access to a standard-spec Jaguar E-Pace. There are higher tiers in the scheme, with the full Jaguar and Land Rover ranges available for subscription. For example, users can pay £2200 a month for a Range Rover Sport HSE

The scheme, called Carpe, is available without a deposit. The monthly fee covers vehicle rent, servicing, maintenance, insurance, roadside assistance in case of a breakdown and delivery.

High-mileage drivers are the main target of JLR’s new service, which follows similar ones from Porsche, Volvo and BMW. 

Sebastian Peck, managing director of JLR’s InMotion mobility service arm, said: “We know there is appetite for unlimited motoring packages and demand is growing rapidly for subscription services that better meet individual needs. For people who love driving premium vehicles but are tired of inflexible contracts, a subscription to Carpe is the solution.”

Carpe is only in its infancy, but it will expand following feedback from early customers. 

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Our Verdict

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oop north

My feedback is

How much??????!!!!!????!!!!!


How much??????!!!!!????!!!!!

You need more exclamation marks, the figures above don’t include VAT, so that E-Pace is actually £1092/month.

Not exactly a ‘subscription service’ either, it’s basically a 12 month lease.





It is called Carpe! HAHAHA!

So now JLR is giving us the opportunity to subscribe to having our JLR cars stuck in the dealership waiting for repairs.

Maybe they will let us subscribe to having to argue with the customer services at JLR too when the cars break down because of their poor design and poor build quality.

Does anyone else want to subscribe to a service to have the front of their Land Rover rebuilt because it was assembled incorrectly at the factory?!


High miles in a JLR car?!

High mileage drivers?!

How many customers have achieved a high annual mileage in a JLR car? They seem to break down so often – spending weeks in the dealership waiting for repairs. You can’t put any miles on the car if it is stuck in the dealership half the time.

The worst bit is that the more you drive the car, the more wear and tear it suffers so its reliablity decreases over time. Start with an unreliable car from day one of owning it and in the long run you are asking for real trouble.

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