Isuzu Concept X D-Max, MU-X revealed


The D-Max has a completely bespoke tray, home to a spare wheel carrier and four diesel jerry cans. It has a similar front-end treatment, right down to the red-lensed headlights and swollen guards.

Power in the concepts comes from the same 4JJ1-TC four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine offered in the production car, making the same 130kW and 430Nm. The only change is unique exhaust system, presumably for the sake of packaging the extra off-road hardware on the concepts.

The six-speed torque converter is carried over from the production car. It also shares one of the production car’s shortcomings: neither of these jacked-up adventure mobiles has a locking rear differential. Hmmm.

“We didn’t set out to build a racer or pre-runner or rock crawler, or yet another version of the ultimate 4WD tourer,” said Wayne Boatwright, head of the Isuzu Team D-Max stunt crew.

“It would have been easy to bolt on many accessories but we wanted to go our own way, so most of the build; the guards, bull bars, bonnet, brakes, suspension and chassis modifications are all in-house custom work.

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