Ill-b-back replies to: Suicide and forex


F.F. is not so bad on that aspect.

It really depends on the range of age group
that frequent any given forum site.

Even though most F.F. members
might not be trading profitably,
most are (fairly to extremely) intelligent,
mature grownups.

It’s less than 1%
who are consistently profitable.
Find me one F.F. member
with at least 5 years of profitable trading,
backed by verified records.

I would say about about 70% to 90%
belongs to this category.

Not too proud to say
I currently belong to this category.
I do understand the basics
and commonly known
important elements of trading
but I do NOT have the ‘insider’ knowledge/skills
that real professional traders possess.

You have to define exactly
the depth of understanding/knowledge
you are referring to

Trading newbies amount to about 5% to 10%?
A new trader who spend time
actively learning
the basics and
important elements of trading
will likely get out of this phase
within 6 months.
Though will still be unprofitable.

You can tell a lot by a person’s posts.
The level of intelligence.
The level of knowledge.
Profitability (sometimes)

Some post because maybe…
they like to share
, they are bored
or they want to show off
that they are better…

For the reasons
I have cited
It is incredibly rude
to accuse this group
of being unknowledgeable

If a given idea
aligns with your
trading ideologies
and trading methodologies
, it might be useful.

I might belong partially to this group lol
I do not get into trades much.
Because I switched to ultra high time frame trading.
Another thing is
I do not consider forex trading to be
a good way of earning.

Trading is deliberately
opened to the mass public
to make money out of them.
So in a way,
it’s a very intelligent,
premeditated ‘scam’,
disguised as legitimate investments.
Market makers need ‘bad’ traders
so they can trade against them,
and take their money
Does this make sense now to you,
why it can be seen
as some sort of scam in a way?

But I will never suggest
nobody can make it in trading.

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