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Great Jess, Nice one this version,,
Done some tests and have to say this is the Ea version that is closer
to what kind of trades should be taken based on some common sense rules when it comes to trade ccfp lists_

Now EA takes the same pair on a double/triple and 4 lists and no matter how many times it sees the pair
it will always buy or sell it as 0.01 (one time) when having Duplicates as False _
Duplicate to False it is only a word, and it is nothing but “stronger or confirmed signal” from 2 or more TF’s for the pair to be taken once only_
Whether Duplicate to True is the condition where we want to take one Single Pair that it is seen 2 or more times on Multiple Ccfp Lists,
and open trades for that Pair, as many times as it appears on the lists,, Ex: EURGBP DISPLAYED 4 TIMES as a Buy (on 4 Ccfp’s) Lists and
therefore EurGbp will be bought 4 times or 1 time at 0.04 ,, same thing_

I noticed that now those details are sorted, the Ea does not take the hedged trades when hedging is to true and duplicate True too _ see photo 3
Before it was taking it with the previous version , but was not taking the false/false duplicate on “even lists” of 2 and 4 ccfp lists .
I see here one recurring pattern that the Ea probably cannot be programmed to satisfy both conditions ?
Not because of you don’t do it, but because i think of mathematics limitations and due also to other stuff being added in the Ea ?
Can this be possible ? is conflict possible ?

I know in previous posts you have kindly explained how you do the calculations taking into account the _1+if-2+3 etc … (something like that )
but lol, if that is the case then the work becomes huge and i don’t think is possible to make everybody happy … or am i wrong in this … don’t know …
As far as i am concerned and sorry to be selfish i will deal with this version now as i am not interested in Hedging pairs
which don’t make sense on the same chart and the Same EA
and I am only interested Hedging to work with the broker in the Mt4 due to multiple Ea i use_

Anyway here are few screen shots of what i tried .. all was fine from the false/false side .. and something missing
when it comes to true/true side of the Ea_
If it is not possible to satisfy both sides of hedges and non hedges and duplicates, then why not having 2 versions of the Ea
which will make everyone satisfied and User able to use the version they like according to their needs.. just an idea
Thanx again for this

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