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{quote} I’m sure it has nothing to do with a martingale lot size sequence which no 1K, 3K or even 5K account would survive!!!! {image} But I have to admit he is smart enough not to do this on live account otherwise he would lose much more then he will ever gain with his sales…

Okay, even I can see the *3 martingale there. It can’t be safe. So, on a 10K I’d be looking at a sequence like this:

0.01, 0.02, 0.06, 0.18, 0.54, 1.62, 4.86, 14.58, etc…

IMHO The maximum (relatively) safe effective leverage for 10K is 10:1 which is 1.0 lot in total at any one time. Anything above that is never going to last.

It’s not testing either, he’s trying to recover from that drawdown. It’ll most likely work a few times until the death sequence. Then it’s either margin call, pull the plug for a huge loss, or both.

moodybot – ignored – I can see no reasonable explanation why you continue to defend him. It’s another game, or a diversion, to get bogged down in petty details which should not be of any consequence, or to gloss over glaring discrepancies between what can clearly be seen as opposed to what is advertised. Either that or there is some other relation between you and oHannah that goes beyond being a paid customer. Please though, do not risk any live unless you can be absolutely certain that it’s safe to do so. I can guarantee that it’s not safe in it’s current state, and I have my doubts whether it ever will be. Take care mate, best wishes with all your endeavors, and many vibrant green pips to you.

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