Honda demos ‘Smart Intersection’ tech


Honda has demonstrated its Smart Intersection vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology in Marysville, Ohio, the town where its first North American factory and research centre is based.

Honda’s Smart Intersection setup has four cameras mounted atop the traffic lights at each corner of an intersection. The company’s image processing then uses that information to create a 360-degree feed, and classifies objects as cars, pedestrians, cyclists or emergency vehicles.

The system can see and identify objects up to around 90 metres away. Using a dedicated short-range communication signal, “pertinent information” is broadcast to all listening vehicles.

Each car uses that information to decide when (or if) it needs to issue a warning signal for the driver or take preventative measures to stop a potential collision.

The system will be trialled and tested as part of the town’s US 33 Smart Mobility Corridor. The pilot scheme hopes to overcome the limitations of on-board vehicle sensors, and will allow for real-world testing along a section of US Route 33.

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