Holden Time Attack Concept Racer: Inside the making of a new Lion


Once the design was locked in, the car was 3D-rendered in CAD. Things like the suspension setup, nitty-gritty of the body structure, and the fine detailing on the underbody have all been captured in great detail, while the suspension geometry has all been created properly. The final touch was a video, created entirely in-house.

Ferlazzo went out of his way to highlight the fact Holden has truly gone to the time and effort – more than once, actually. Although it’s forward-looking, the concept exists in some form and is “entirely plausible” in an engineering sense.

“Can we build it today, with the current technology? Well, not in the form that we’ve shown it. But it’s not far off, it’s using technologies that are around the world, and people are talking about,” he says.

“We haven’t just fantasised… they’re talking about batteries that can do these kind of things, and all the other technologies, so whilst you can’t buy it right now, it’s right on the horizon.”

“That adds to the whole intrigue about it.”


Richard Ferlazzo won’t say how often they’ll come, and what they’ll look like, but he wants virtual concepts to happen on a “regular basis” going forward.

Logic suggests the reaction to this Time Attack racer will plan a role, too, but now the design team has a taste of the freedom offered by developing cars like this for the Holden brand specifically, they’re unlikely to let it go.

“It’s great to be designing production cars, we’re very grateful for the opportunities we have,” he explained.

“But like anything, when it’s constrained it’s very frustrating. This allows that outlet, that venting of frustration, that you don’t have to make it in a form that can be reproduced in hundreds of thousands at an economical price.

“You can push the boundaries a bit… that’s very satisfying, because it allows that free expression. With the shackles off I can do this!”


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