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What is one of the most searched PriceAction signals? (I want remember you that the 90%+ traders are losers)

The breakouts. It’s easy! The price break and goes up. Yup, let’s trade and make money.

But the reaility is another.

You just can’t know if the breakout is fake and you can’t know how far it will go (if it will), because you can’t predict the future.

And at this point i think you are all agree with me.

Now, i strongly believe that for be succesful you must “trade out of the box”, we are not talking about what to do, but what not to do.

So, what if we just trade the breakouts… in reverse? “You are crazy man! if price goes up and break.. ” yes yes yes. Forget everything please.

Open all JPY pairs in m5 with period separator and plot an horizontal line on the high/low of previous day; then set 2 moving averages (EMA, 20 and 63)


-openmind and humility required. The arrogants and naysayers will be instantly removed.
-If you don’t have experience, you will not understand this. You must know Candles and Price Action like your birthday’s date
-Who will talk about EA’s will be instantly removed. The most powerful EA is between your ears.

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