havo replies to: Only one trade a day?


Okay, I think I Asked the wrong question. I mean lets say you risk 3% per trade and when your first trade is a winner for 3% or what Rr you try to get. You stop trading. Or when its a looser you trade until you get your 3% Or do you trade a session no matter how much profit you made. 500 trades a day thats alot of work

i ONLY look for a trade that obey my rules/conditions:

If true then take the trade close everything and move on with my life

If not, then wait.. if my preset time for trading its over and got nothing, Tomorrow its a new day.. thats it

Money/goals doesnt matter, only the process to validate a trade (if its valid or not) agaisnt a set of rules matters, nothing else !! (as weird as it sound, following this way of thinking the money flows into your account naturally and without any effort)

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