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I disagree with the approach.

If EA works so well, there wont be any need for Rental or sell of EA. If it is good, even with small equity balance, account can grow very well.

See the calculations still need to be perfected. Edge Stuff- not sure what it is.

We have to get calculations right and see that it handles and profit is booked properly.

Anyway, give what you think is a great Edge. I will help you with calculations.

Code Non Expiry edition are more open and free for contributors. Once you restrict, not many would be willing to contribute. Free luckers and downloaders, we cant help. there will always be too many. BUt you need lot of such to get right contributors interested and testing the strategy.

We need lot of testers to download and test them and fail fast, so that we can develop something better.

– my 2 cents.

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