Gillsville moves on annexation of 250 acres


At a meeting held September 4, the Gillsville City Council took the first step towards annexing over 250 acres into the city limits.
The city has received seven requests for annexation. If approved, one request would bring 100 acres in Hall County into the city limits. The remaining six applications would allow annexation of approximately 150 acres from Banks County.
With the continuing growth in land size, the council is concerned about equal representation of Gillsville’s residents. The council has contracted with the Georgia Mountains Regional Commission to update the city map. Once the map is completed, the council will move forward with discussions regarding division of the city into wards.
“There is some property being sold in Gillsville and, if the property sells to home owners, there could be one conglomerate of people that could move into this section,” Mayor Roy Turpin said. “If we don’t have wards – that particular part could take over the city. We are trying to get this worked out before that happens.”

See this week’s issue of the Banks County News for more news from the City of Gillsville.

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