FxSpartan replies to: Lost Sock Evolution


Do you see it?

Do you see the issues with All Versions?

Check it!

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No…sure it’s kewl when it only triggers when price has stalled in one direction…but here’s the dealio!

Price Drop in Green box…yeah, don’t judge me…Red=Sell, Green=Buy…normally, this is for illustration!

There is no opportunity or any reasonable opportunity to grid into this motherfucker on a dynamic range to capitalize here and not fail in other areas, but where the red box is, no additional trades are taken!

1 trade cost averaged in, to carry how many trades above??

Pissing into the wind, is what this is!

The red box is gold, not speculatively gridding into an exodus…when this motherfucker is buying back!

That is the missing link!
That is what I will write into the charity bot!

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