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This is a demo account currently. I just determined the strategy a few hours ago lol but doing very well so far. 6 pip envelope is the ‘levels’ of the ma; it’s a standard feature on MT4 MA. 1 unit x3 etc. is the trades you make when price is above or below or very near envelope and DSS Bresset is above 80 (for short trades) or below 20 (for long trades). So for example if it is your first entry in the sequence you buy or sell 1 unit of currency (this could be any amount you feel comfortable starting the counter-trend sequence with) and you then do 3 trades total at 1 unit if necessary and continue with 3 trades at 2 units if required and then up to 3 more trades at 4 units if needed. Exit should be when prices touches or gets very near the ma! I hope this helped. Please feel free to ask anymore questions if something remains unclear. Thanks again! Best of luck – I know averaging down is difficult but this approach is definitely more strategic than most similar strategies. If it doesn’t work out maybe it will give someone some ideas, or at least some entertainment Cheers!

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